You may enjoy seeing Gangaji live where she drops into vedantic inquiry with guests on stage. It’s an interesting approach to nondual awareness shared in community. I found her presence, approach and style of inquiry easier to study in person than in writing where she is being edited.

I do not recommend spending much time with Deida or Wilber in person, although I can tell you very funny stories of spending time with both of them 15+ years ago when they were writing these books. Wilber is a very interesting guy and we share many interests — but he can be condescending and misogynistic to a fault. Deida is 10X moreso, a nightmare to deal with in public spaces where he humiliates people for the fun of it. I loved where he was going with his books and couldn’t enjoy him after meeting him in person. Both have reinforced specific mentalities that are not necessarily healthy for relationships or communities long term, and we can talk more about the need and role of provocateurs the next time we connect for a walk in person.

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