Sharing the DREAM: A Subconscious Culture

A Global Network Dreaming in Community

Art by Jonathan Cain for Dream Society 2015

We Dream Together

Threads that tie people together are invisible until we turn them into new art. Making a camp or community integrates form and improvisation with artistic practice. The piece below is written for a Burning Man theme camp application as a process of creating culture and encapsulating the experiences we craft together in our dreams.

We are all dreamers, there is no other

We share a dream that spans space and time.
We ignite the dreamer within us, lighting up new ideas.
We connect hearts, bodies, minds with our passionate pursuits,
mobilizing movements with our community.

Art by Michael Bronfman for Dream Society 2015 — Examples of Culture Creation in Process

Dreamers do because we love.

Truth, On the Wall. Photo by Philip Auerswald, Black Rock City 2015

The Dream Society creates the experience of the shared dream, seeding inspirations for each other. We share joyfully.

We care for ourselves and reach out to each other in this ongoing process of self-tuning and collaborative alignment. We hone each other by being honest with each other, seeking to be our best by reflecting the best in each other.

Our space is dedicated to collaborative dreaming. In this society, our shared dreams create reality.

Art at Sunrise, Black Rock City 2015 — Sharing the Dream (Thanks Travis Wallis and artist Marco Cochrane)

Through play, song, poetry, light, art, science and discovery we explore timeless wisdom, rhythm and the beat of a shared signal.

We create nourishment for each other and experiment with tools for wellbeing to enhance our abilities together.

Photo by Philip Auerswald, Black Rock City 2015

Dreamspace happens when we come together and share passions. The society we share is decentralized, open and available to participation. Our place is open as sanctuary to lucid dreamers and explorers from all walks.

The dream becomes more intricate and real as we weave ourselves together in vast experiences, a dreamcatcher mandala of jeweled moments tied together through our people.

We invite you to relax and dive deep within the Dream Society to amplify and transmit your vision with others.

Dance, create, flow, love and be yourself in the shared dance of culture creation. In this play we become both the dreamers and the dream of who we want to be, in this world, together.

We are all dreamers, there is no other.

This post is a dedication to the man who first taught me the power of sharing dreamspace in music — RIP Prince. From When Doves Cry, the song I sang in the elementary school cafeteria:

Dream if you can a courtyard
An ocean of violets in bloom
Animals strike curious poses
They feel the heat
The heat between me and you.


CEO @PlayableAgency ✩ Founder @LightLodges ✩ Producer ✩ Advisor ✩ Artist ✩ Speaker ✩ Media Design ✩ Interactive Mixed Reality ✩ Strategist ✩ Consultant

CEO @PlayableAgency ✩ Founder @LightLodges ✩ Producer ✩ Advisor ✩ Artist ✩ Speaker ✩ Media Design ✩ Interactive Mixed Reality ✩ Strategist ✩ Consultant