One skill for the universal guidebook ~INQUIRY
How do we create spaciousness with structure?
“What kind of people would they be? How would they treat their friends, their lovers, the random stranger on the street? Would they embody those same principles in their lives? What kind of world would they make?”

Aligning play, attention, flow, energetic capacity and passion to create is love. This is the renewable energy we can give our friends and family in every exchange. Fine-tuning each other is an art we master together through awareness of what you describe as experience sculpting. You are shining a light on a well of wisdom that very few people stop to share.

We can live to see this world. The process starts with an invitation. Visionary makers and producers show us the kind of world we can realize - the best invite playful participation in the creation process by asking great questions. Who am I? Who is valuable to me? How can we be more loving in this moment?

CEO @PlayableAgency ✩ Founder @LightLodges ✩ Producer ✩ Advisor ✩ Artist ✩ Speaker ✩ Media Design ✩ Interactive Mixed Reality ✩ Strategist ✩ Consultant

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