After 20+ years of facilitating and forming communities, watching networks try to define best practices and create shared resource exchanges, I support the emergence of decentralized leadership networks to experiment at the edges and create solutions that change systems. I align with community cultivators and together we build our field through refining our shared insight.

The next challenge is unlocking our collective potential, in part through media and visualization of collaborative impact.

To play: let’s create experiments with real and measurable goals that connect our work across fields and sectors. Media then becomes our accountability and participation tool to test new ideas together. Living learning labs, pop-up camps and new tribes can be sprouted based on these experiments.

CEO @PlayableAgency ✩ Founder @LightLodges ✩ Producer ✩ Advisor ✩ Artist ✩ Speaker ✩ Media Design ✩ Interactive Mixed Reality ✩ Strategist ✩ Consultant