A-WAKE: Social Memorial Play from DJ Decks

Plant an acorn and be the seed that grows love in your world

DJ Pumpkin, AKA Nick Alvarado as honored in Los Angeles. Similar memorial events have been happening in many cities since his passing on Easter Weekend.
Origami cranes, candles, photos, art and memorial items honor Nick on the DJ booth altar

When a beloved DJ dies, it ripples through us

Community altar lighting candles to the altering spirit of Nick the Neck, DJ Pumpkin

A DJ to Fall in Love to

At Nick’s Memorial A-WAKE in Los Angeles his friends danced to his music for a day. Similar events and dance parties bring old friends back together to honor fallen friends
Nick played for tens of thousands and passed at the peak of his career, doing what he loved
Thousands of guests came to the memorial and left notes for Nick and Chance’s families
Art, music, dance and friends — dance floor community has a unique bond

In tribute for Nick and his lost driver Chance, from his lyrics to our hearts:

One of Nick’s last shows, Envision Festival in Costa Rica in February of 2016, playing a special staff show

Why the Acorn?

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