DC and State Houses in America today are facing their greatest challenge since the Civil War from their own people, against their own people. How does a house divided rebuild after a surreal and spectacular fall?

1. Seditious Conspiracy charges for participants in planning & producing this Jan 6th event

Call it a failed coup, coup-play, insurrection or an act of domestic terrorism, it…

There is no normal to return to — we’re all emerging from this chrysalis as something new. Our ability to collaborate will determine our viability in this new world.

IEEEVR 2020 Conference with avatars and streaming presentations in a virtual space created by Mozilla Hubs
The IEEEVR2020 Conference for 1600 academics hosted in Mozilla Hubs included streaming plenary keynotes in digital scenes & web-based rooms

This morning I was on my third panel of the week focused on virtual events production, tools, platforms and methods for…

From Physical to Virtual Interactive Events: Safety and Play in Numbers

With COVID-19 shaping the way we do business for the foreseeable future, our communications, engagement and marketing strategies are rapidly evolving. Do you have a plan in place that helps your team evolve or improvise as situations rapidly change?

Playable Cities

A few years ago as my immersive VR/XR production work started, I wrote a volumetric XR mystery where Jack London and the ghosts of the Oakland port and pier areas came to life and shared their stories to warn us about the coming changes ahead with rising seas…

Creating Mobility Markets in Rionegro and Medellín, Colombia

In 2016 I worked with regions addressing complex climate concerns of congestion in cities with exponential pollution in high-traffic regions. How do you solve for dirty data in smarter cities when our behavior patterns create tremendous waste? Or to look at culture:

How do we shift from smog, congestion headaches and expensive fuels to cleaner, smarter cities?

Make it rewarding to travel cleaner, faster, together

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